It might be an arrogant title, but is it deserved? My take on Tim and Eric

Normally I hate things that are self-complimentary.  I thought the “Awesome Auger” didn’t really do yard work any better than my handy rake and the “Great Escape Fun Park” in upstate New York, is just an alright escape.  I wouldn’t call it a great escape.  My intolerance of self-complimentary stuff aside; “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” actually lives up to its own hype.

The show, starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, had its season five premiere this past Sunday.  The show opened by introducing Tim and Eric in SNL style: a hand-held camera rolling up on Tim and Eric (separately) as they are hanging out around the city.  Just like the SNL opening credits, when the camera catches up to the cast members, they pose and smile.  But since Tim and Eric are the only two cast members, the camera just repeatedly rolled up on them over and over again.  At first it seems odd, but the bit goes on just long enough to make you laugh.  When it finally ends, Tim and Eric come out to introduce the next clip.

Typically, Tim and Eric’s season premieres contain fecal-related commercial parodies.  Season five didn’t disappoint.  The opening commercial for “diarrhea-phram” showed a groom in an all white suit on his wedding day getting the runs.  In between gagging, I laughed.  Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) steps in as the commercial salesman.

While all the clips in the show are funny and random (one clip I could swear was just a woman having convulsions) my favorite one came at the end of the show when they did a call back to the first clip.  The clip is a lawyer commercial starring Corbin Bernsen.  Corbin plays a lawyer who represents clients suing the “diarrheaphram” after experiencing the main side effect- “diarrhea-bedis.”  Corbin lists a bunch of disgusting side effects of the problem, offers his services and gives out his home phone number.  If he doesn’t answer the phone, don’t worry, his son “Horbin Bernsen” might answer.

Other clips in the show include cameos from John C. Reilly (StepBrothers) and Danny Trajo (Grindhouse.)  The humor of the show ranges from sick to random to just laugh-out-loud funny.  At the close of the show the cast reverts back to mocking SNL by doing the classic “thank you, good bye” with credits rolling.  The hilarious part was that Jack McBrayer was clearly superimposed into the shot.  Nobody hugged him.

One of the great things about shows on Adult Swim is that they are 15 minutes long and commercial-free.  Keeping the comedy short and uninterrupted is a great way to enjoy it.  There are no breaks in between laughing and no joke runs too long to become old.  Tim and Eric’s show fits in perfectly with this format.

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” is original, ballsy, and fast.  Its humor isn’t for everyone, but for those that get the comedy (and can stomach it,) it’s probably the most entertaining 15 minutes of television on Sundays.  It actually deserves its self-complimentary title… I wish the same could be said for Awesome Auger (thanks for nothing over hyped garden tool.)

And just because I can, this is my all time favorite clip from “Tim and Eric Awesome show, Great Job!”  Head over to the Adult Swim website to check it out (it features the amazing Frank Stallone on vocals.)


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