Surf dudes with attitudes… kinda groovy.

Let me take you back to 1993. It’s Brooklyn and it’s a Saturday morning around 11 a.m. An 11 year old girl is sitting on her couch, still in her pajamas, waiting until 12p.m to get dressed (I mean it is Saturday after all.) She was up at 10 to watch the Bugs and Daffy show, had breakfast at 10:30 and then heading back to the couch to watch NBC. 11 a.m was “Saved by the Bell” time. Everyone watched “Saved by the Bell” and everyone loved Zack Morris. She was no different. But after “…Bell” was over, she stayed put. There was another show she loved and another guy. The show was “California Dreams” and the guy was Sly Winkle aka Malibu’s answer to Zack Morris.

It’s been 17 years since that time. There have been numerous attempts at a “Saved by the Bell” reunion not to mention E! True Hollywood Stories, syndication and tell all books. People just cannot move on from that fantastic show (myself included.) But everyone is forgetting the show that came on after. Nobody is trying for a “California Dreams” reunion or wondering what happened behind the scenes of that show.

Until now.

In case you missed it, Jimmy Fallon reunited the cast on Thursday night. The entire cast showed up, said what they were up to and performed the opening theme song. People went crazy for this reunion. Kudos to Jimmy Fallon and their entire staff- it was an original and exciting reunion. The Fallon crew knows exactly what audience they are targeting and guess what? It’s working. My vote for the next reunion… Hang Time.  Anyone… anyone… “Hang Time?” Well whether you loved Saturday morning NBC television in the early 90’s or not, here is the “California Dreams” reunion. And may I just say, Sly Winkle still has it.

Watching this makes me feel 11 years old again. BABOOM!

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