SNL Snags Legendary Host. Thoughts?

When you do a live show every Saturday night, you’re going to have your fair share of hits and misses. For the most part, this season of “Saturday Night Live” has been pretty good. Some note worthy hits this season were Kenan’s “What’s up with that,” the digital short “Zack Drops by the Set” and, surprisingly, Taylor Swift’s Monologue. Some low points? Well, it didn’t air yet but I’m going to say the fact that Justin Bieber is slated to be an upcoming musical guest. (Really!? Bieber?!?)

But there’s no question that on May 8th SNL will hit the high note that everyone has been waiting for. People actually started facebook petitions, begging SNL to make this happen. And so… the legendary Betty White will finally host “Saturday Night Live.”

So what do you think? What skits do you want to see this legendary funny lady in? And to quote a question that NBC SNL asked on their twitter, “If there is a Golden Girls sketch, which SNL cast member should play which roles?”

I for one think Fred Armison will make a great Bea Arthur.

Here’s a clip of Betty White’s hilarious Snickers commercial that aired this past Superbowl. Enjoy!


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