American Idol sounds like same old song and dance

The good news is, I had Lacey Brown going home in my office American Idol pool.  The bad news is, and I’m sorry to say it Idol diehards, this show has completely jumped the shark.  I’m not John Hein so I can’t pin point the exact moment that it happened, but watching it last night was painful.

I tuned in because it was the first cut from the top 10.  Unlike most people, I’m not a fan of the auditions.  The top 10 is actually when I start paying attention.  (Not to mention I had just thrown down $10 in my office pool, so I had to watch.)  The show started with a past American Idol, who I actually liked, David Cook.  He was just okay (RIP his performance of Billy Jean two seasons ago.)  But he got me revved up for the rest of the show.  I enjoy when past idols come back to perform.  They should fill the show with more of that.

Here’s where things go down hill.  They start doing the cuts and Ryan Seacrest launches into his predictable and forced suspense.  It’s not really suspenseful anymore if we all know what’s coming.  Remember when he used to stand two people up,  tell you one is in the bottom three, we’ll find out who after the break, and then we all clenched our pearls as tight as possible while we waited?  Yeah, not so much anymore.  Aside from the fact that we all know that there will be a commercial break before he announces his decision; the people in the bottom three were predictable.  I didn’t even watch prior to Tuesday, and I had Lacey Brown listed as going home.  It’s not dumb luck, it’s just a matter of paying attention to the performances.  Anyone can see that this is not really a 10 person competition but a two person competition, maybe a three person, competition.  The rest is just filler.

Orianthi performs, I’m not quite sure why and we do some more bottom three “nail-biters.”  Ryan stands two contestants up and asks Kara which person she thinks belongs in the bottom three.  Kara can’t answer or decide.  Now I have to ask myself, what is the point of the judges if they can’t make a decision?  I understand if a viewer at home has mixed feelings, but isn’t the point of a judge to score and give a decisive answer on how the performance was?  At least when Paula was indecisive, she was entertaining.  Kara, be wacky or make a decision.

Ke$ha is brought out to perform and I start contemplating taking a baseball bat to my TV set.  All critiques of idol aside, Ke$sha is so rough to watch.  I would rather watch a million William Hungs (RIP his career as a recording artist.)

The decision is made and now the contestant voted off has to “sing for the save.”  Something they added last season, that could very well have been the moment the show jumped the shark, but again, I’m not sure.  (Other possible Jump the Shark moments:  Sanjaya’s Pony Hawk, Paula leaving, Ellen joining, Kara joining and George Huff not getting signed to a label.  Okay, that last one was a joke.)  Sing for the save means that the person eliminated can actually be saved and last another week, if the judges unanimously agree on it.  Last year it was Matt Giraud (THANK GOD, I loved him) and the question is, who will get saved this year?  Before Lacey even reaches the chorus, we know it won’t be her.

Don’t take this blog the wrong way, I’m not hating on Idol because I’m not a fan.  I’m hating on Idol because I was a fan.  I used to gather around the water cooler with everyone else and gab about who was great and who needs to go.  I used to defend Simon’s critiques when people would boo and I even considered voting one season (if I had done it, it would have been for Jason Castro after his performance of Mariah Carey’s “I don’t want to cry.”)  But lately, I just can’t get into the show.  And when I try, it just seems like the same old song and dance.  Pun fully intended.


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