Is that Jon Stewart or Glenn Beck?

It’s no secret that some people are getting their news from “the Daily Show with Jon Stewart;” despite Stewart’s constant claims that they are a comedy show. But when you watch “the Daily Show” you can’t help but question why you would trust the major news outlets to begin with? The Daily Show constantly points out MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, (and any other news program’s) contradictions, biases and ironies. When this happen, it makes it really hard to watch the news and not take everything reported with a grain of salt.

One person who often provides Stewart and co. with material is Fox’s Glenn Beck. With his chalkboards and tears, you can’t help but giggle at some of his rants. For most of the show last night Stewart channeled Beck, and the result leaves me at a loss for words. The clips speak for themselves. So check them out and enjoy!

clip 1:—progressivism-is-cancer

clip 2:


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