Before there was Snooki, there was Daria

I feel like there was a time when MTV was different. No, I’m not just talking about when they used to play music videos, although that was a great time too. I’m talking about when MTV actually liked women. It was a time when the channel would highlight the intellect and talent of females by showing clips from Lilith Fair and playing songs like “bitch” by Meredith Brooks. A time where every drunken-big-breasted-bimbo became a Hollywood starlet. Does anyone remember these days?

In fact, one of MTV’s most popular shows at this time had nothing to do with living in Hollywood, having hot tubs filled with girls in g-strings and featured little-to-no-alcohol.  Oh yeah, and it wasn’t a reality show.  It wasn’t even a live action show.  It was “Daria,” the animated series where our heroine was not only apathetic towards popularity, but smart, sarcastic, and intelligent.  Daria Morgendorffer was the anti-Heidi Montag and the anti-Snooki.  And we loved it.

Now where do we turn when we want to watch some one roll their eyes at girls like Quinn (Daria’s sister?)  Certainly not MTV.

We certainly wouldn’t find a character like Jane Lane (Daria’s best friend) on “Jersey Shore.”  Jane who was every bit as witty as she was fierce and sexy.  Jane made red lipstick and being anti-social seem glamorous.  And what about Trent?  Are there any guys like him on MTV anymore?  One would think that a channel that used to be known for music would have a sensitive and poetic rocker as their love interest from time to time.  Jason Wahler is certainly no Trent Lane.

The bad news?  There is no show like this on MTV.  There is no longer a show on MTV that you can turn to and see cute blondes be portrayed as the antagonists.  (And sorry, I do NOT accept “My Life as Liz” as a modern day Daria.)  The good news?  MTV has finally announced they will release the entire animated series on DVD May 11th.

You can even pre-order your copy now on  Needless to say, I did.  I have to be able to enjoy a show where the popular kids don’t always come across lovable and desirable.  A show where woman are smart and funny and not ridden with body issues or self hate.  I certainly wouldn’t find a show like that on MTV.  I wouldn’t even find music on MTV.

Written by Jessie Kanev


4 responses to “Before there was Snooki, there was Daria

  1. I can’t wait for Daria on DVD! I can hardly wait to immerse myself into a time where mindless idiocy wasn’t celebrated. I much prefer the sarcastic wit of Daria, Jane and even at time Quinn to what MTV has become.

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  3. What happened to us? It makes me wonder if the the Quinns and Brittanies really did win out.

    Anyways, while the world gorges themselves on TMZ and reality shows, I’m going to pick up the DVD box set of this MTV classic. Now, if only they’d follow suit with all of the MTV oddities.

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