One of my guiltiest pleasures: Degrassi.

I have my fair share of guilty pleasures.  Wendy’s Chili, John Cena movies, blasting/singing Natasha Bedingfield while driving down the highway… we all have them, don’t we?  So I shouldn’t be ashamed to say that I have never missed an episode of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” since it’s premiered.  Hmm, that sounded better in my head.

The truth is, this tween soap opera that always “goes there” has had cast changes, ridiculous story lines and love triangles.  It’s the perfect combination of drama and silliness to keep me hooked all these years.  There are a few throw away episodes each season that are forgettable but the season premieres and finales never seem to disappoint my expectations (unlike that awful Degrassi goes Hollywood film.)

So who are we going to start our season 10 premiere with?  Declan and Holly Jay working on their relationship?  Danny still trying to decide what girl he likes?  Riley coming to terms with being gay?  Little Claire fighting off the new blonde trying to steal her boyfriend?  Ahhh, no.  We’ll start with Degrassi’s most beloved and untarnished couple, Sav and Anya.  When I say untarnished, I mean neither of them has been drugged or raped… yet. 

It’s Spring Formal time at Degrassi.  Without question, Anya and Sav are going to be going together, it should be a night to remember (and I’m not talking Zack and Kelly night to remember, I’m talking Brenda and Dylan night to remember.)  Everything is going perfectly, minus the fact that Sav’s parents don’t know about Anya and have invited his future wife to go with him to Spring Formal.  Farrah, Sav’s future wife, is actually kind of cool.  She is okay with him going to the formal with another girl and she’s willing to keep his lies for him.  Phew, that could have been disasterous, thank goodness for cool Farrah.

We sit through a silly montage of the guys trying on tuxedos and watch everyone pose for fancy photos until finally it’s formal time.  At formal we learn about Farrah’s true colors, she actually is intent on marrying Sav after all.  She doesn’t care about Anya.  To make sure Sav knows just how good of a thing he has going, Anya decides to close the deal.  In typical Degrassi student stupidity move, she uses no protection (are there any sex-ed classes in this school?)  When Sav finds out things fall apart for Anya, he can’t trust her anymore.  And to think… they had just been named king and queen of the formal.

For a show that has “gone there” by using drugs, abortions, rape, shootings, stabbings and any other awful thing you can think of; having an episode that just dealt with jealousy and heartbreak was actually refreshing.  It’s more believable and gripping than some of the other story lines (R.I.P JT.)  There’s nothing I love more on my soap operas than a love triangle.  Let’s just hope things don’t get redundant this season, clips from next week’s episode imply that we might have another one with that bitch Jenna and our little Claire Bear.  No judgements (team Claire.)

“Degrassi: the Next Generation” isn’t the kind of show you watch when you want to see new, innovative, original television.  It isn’t something you watch for great acting or even great script writing.  Degrassi is the kind of show you watch when you have nothing to do on a Friday night and have decided to wear your pajamas the rest of the weekend.  Throw in a cup of Wendy’s chili and I believe a Degrassi night is the perfect guilty pleasure.


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