Simon says Goodbye.

You may recall a few months ago when I wasn’t too thrilled with this season of American Idol.  I guess I had expected more for what was to be Simon Cowell’s last season.  The man who made Idol the powerhouse show it is today is actually leaving.  Love him or hate him, he changed the television landscape with is his harsh, blunt, and sometimes all-too-accurate critiques of wannabe singers.  He also created some of the biggest music artists of today.

With that in mind, we knew last night’s season finale of Idol would go all out with their farewell tribute.  It started off a bit clunky.  We saw a montage of some of Simon’s meanest moments (although, I think Jimmy Kimmel’s montage was better.)  We saw Dane Cook attempt a tribute to Simon by bringing out some of the wackiest people to audition (this plan was poorly thought out as former contestant, Ian Bernardo, quickly became the “soy bomb” of American Idol) and Paula Abdul came out to say some words to Simon but, as per usual, they were quite incoherent.  Finally, the former Idol winners (minus David Cook) came out to sing a song for Simon.  This was a nice moment.  This was a good tribute.  Before the song ended, a random hodgepodge of past contestants joined in the singing (really?  is Kimberly Caldwell still some one we care to see?  However, I was happy to see Anoop again.)  As the camera panned past all the familiar faces, it was a sweet moment.  Was it overly moving and emotional?  Not really.  Was it sweet and nice?  Yes.

Simon said a few words and our newest Idol winner was announced.  And just like that, American Idol will never be the same.  Who could possibly replace our beloved, salty, British judge?  People quickly veto’d Howard Stern, who I thought was a fantastic choice, and Elton John passed on the offer.  The search continues.

I will be curious to see who the producers come up with and so even though I trashed this season of American Idol, I guess I will be watching next season.  Isn’t it funny how they just reeled me back in?  I guess the machine just keeps on going.

In case you missed it:  Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious tribute to Simon Cowell


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