Life with Louie isn’t so bad

Louie C.K is a frustrated comedian.  He’s annoyed with society’s rules  in a Larry David type way and he’s confused by the obvious in a Jerry Seinfeld type way.  His show is filmed with a little bit of a “Curb your Enthusiasm” feel and a little bit of a “Seinfeld” feel.  In case you’re wondering, these comparisons are a good thing.  He’s in no way imitating either of these shows or comics.  He’s just seems to be a combination of some of their most beloved qualities.

In FX’s new show “Louie,” Louie C.K talks about his life through his stand-up.  Throughout the show we see clips of him performing his stand-up at the world-famous Comedy Cellar in New York’s West Village.    His stand-up is hilarious.  He complains about why children in school still get served milk in those annoyingly hard to open containers.  He is annoyed by the dating scene and he has horrible nightmares about his euthanized childhood dog coming back home, only to be brought back to the vet to get euthanized for good.

The stand-up is a hilarious and a perfect lead-in or interlude to the actual scripted moments in the show.  Hearing Louie talk about his daughter in his stand-up and then seeing him chaperon her and her classmates on a school trip, fits together perfectly.  Hearing Louie complain about dating and then seeing him actually attempt to show a date a good time, justifies all his complaints.  The show is weaved in such a way that by the end of the episode, when you have finished laughing, you go “I get this.  I get him.”

The ironic thing about the show is how much sense this sad sack of a guy actually makes.  At first, listening to him complain and seeing the faces he makes, implies he is a complete mess.  But after watching the show, you realize he’s just trying to be a good guy and live up to society’s expectations of him.   He’s trying… begrudgingly… but trying nonetheless.

This show is great addition to FX.  It was edgy, original and realistic.  Most importantly though, it’s laugh out loud funny.  You might see a little bit of Curb in him.  You might see a little bit of Seinfeld in him.  But, there is no question.  He is all Louie.


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