Goodbye, music television. Hello, gorilla juice-heads.

I know I have asked this before but, what the heck has happened to MTV?

It’s no secret that MTV is no longer Music Television.  The days of music videos are long gone on that network.  I’ve accepted it.  I don’t like it, but I’ve accepted it.  Shows like “the Hills,” “Teen Mom” and “Silent Library” have taken the place of shows like “Diary,” “Bio-Rhythm” and “Unplugged.”  The only music you will find on this network will be the background beats playing in the club that Snooki and the Situation are fist pumping in.

So MTV is bringing us “Jersey Shore” season 2 instead of music videos.  On the bright side, it’s still original programming that you can’t find on any other network- oh wait.  I forgot.  EVERY NETWORK NOW HAS A SHOW STARRING NEW JERSEY NATIVES.  Well, at least we’ll see some new people, right?  NOPE, IT’S ALL THE SAME CAST MEMBERS.  Well then, at least we’ll still see them work at a tee shirt shop and enjoy all of the fine amenities New Jersey has to offer, right?  NOPE.  THEY ARE IN MIAMI.  Yup, it’s the Jersey Shore… in Miami.

In fact, the cast being in Miami is the only thing different about this season of the show.  The drama seems to be the same.  There are still grenades, J-Wow is still beating up every girl she encounters, Angelina is still annoying, Vinnie still has the cutest family ever (okay that’s one compliment I snuck in this article,) there are still stupid quotes from Snooki (she feels like a Pilgrim from the 1920’s when she washes clothes in a sink,) Paulie D’s hair is still higher than Dylan McKay’s circa 1992,  and Sammi and Ronnie are still fighting.  This show, just like last season, is one of the most vapid, mindless, pathetic shows on Television.  It’s high ratings and huge attention reflects very poorly on our taste in television.

It’s not the cast’s fault though.  Anybody given the opportunity they were given would jump at the chance.  I don’t even blame producers and creators for tapping into people’s obsession with, and I’m quoting the cast, guidos.  The real let down is MTV itself.  I like a good train-wreck every now and then.  But not when it takes the place of something unique and original.  Every hour that “Jersey Shore” is on the air is an hour of music videos that you’re not seeing.

How upsetting that a network that once broke boundaries as the only music television network is now selling out by just slapping a camera in front of any air head.  Goodbye, music television.  Hello, gorilla juice-heads.


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