I’m shutting it down but, not shutting it off.

I sort of have a bunch of catch phrases that I always use.  I always say, “Shutting it down,” “killing it,” “that is bah-nanas” and “I die.”  I also always have a Starbucks tea in my hand, wear baggy clothes to cover up how skinny I am and a collection of vintage Chanel that would make Tim Gunn foam at the mouth.

Okay, so I don’t really say, wear or have any of these things.  But, boy wouldn’t it be fun to be this person?  In other words, doesn’t Rachel Zoe have the best life ever?

“The Rachel Zoe Project” season 3 premiered last night and we were reacquainted with the person whose life I dream of.  Although, while picking out designer clothes fresh off the runway for A-List celebrities is a really fantastic career; Rachel’s life is not all glam and perfection.  As the newest season kicks off, we see that Ms. Zoe has to deal with the parting ways of her salty, yet always trendy assistant, Taylor Jacobson.

Taylor has been great the past two seasons.  She had a strong work ethic, made valid points and was a good contrast to the always bubbly Brad.  However, Taylor’s attitude went from bad to worse and in our season premiere, we learn she’s been doing some shady stuff behind Rachel’s back.  Rachel feels drained and back-stabbed (although none of these emotions ever show on her face.)   It makes the glamorous life seem a bit tougher.

So, Brad Goreski, gets promoted to Taylor’s old position and right away has to prove himself.  He needs to pull looks (I’m jealous) for Demi Moore’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot.  This isn’t just any shoot.  There are oversized pieces of furniture, red balloons, kiddie pools and a REAL giraffe.  The clothes that go with this shoot must be epic.  Ms. Zoe starts rattling off names like Mark Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Gucci and, of course, Chanel.  While Brad looks stressed during the photo shoot, he pulls it off without yelling and belly aching the way the former assistant would do.  Demi looks great in every look that was pulled for her, including the 12 inch stillettos.  (Side note:  I was beyond impressed at her being able to stand on a staircase in those shoes, I’m pretty sure both of my ankles would have snapped in half.)

I thought I would miss Taylor on the show.  Over the past two seasons, I have felt like she is the person I could relate to most because she doesn’t like feeling stifled or picking up other people’s slack.  Her complaining was over the top, but I always wondered if it was justified.  However, her absence was hardly noticeable last night.  People were getting along, nobody was yelling and the show flowed as smooth as ever.  Perhaps negativity disrupting the process does not equal entertainment.  Perhaps the process itself provides enough entertainment.

“The Rachel Zoe Project” is not the show to watch if you want to hear genius conversation and see people really do something to benefit the planet.  This team is not splitting the atom, finding the cure for cancer or feeding the homeless.  In fact, they are doing the opposite.  They are indulging over paid celebrities in over priced wardrobe so that they can always look like a million bucks and make the average person feel terrible about themselves.

And while I wouldn’t call their conversations the meeting of the minds, there is no denying that the people on this show are incredibly knowledgeable about fashion.  They speak of lines and patterns and they put outfits together beautifully.  It might not be Shakespeare but it is certainly art.

If you can put aside an hour or so on Tuesday nights you will enjoy taking a glimpse into the life that Ms. Zoe leads.   Watching her is like watching a kid in a candy store if the candy store was filled with Prada and Versace.   When you see that, you can’t help but wish you were her.

Written by Jessie Kanev


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