About TV Binge

TVBinge.com was created in 2009 as a way to claim that we were being productive, when in fact, we had been spending an exorbitant amount of time on our couches watching TV shows.  This site is our little way of making our Television Addiction, something constructive.

As if there aren’t enough opinions on the internet already, now you have ours to add to the list.

If you would like TVBinge to write about your TV show, have any questions about the site, or think you can stump us with a Saved by the Bell trivia please contact here TVBinge@gmail.com

Frequent Contributers:

Jay Cliff is the master mind behind TV Binge.  When an entry goes uncredited, you can be sure he is the voice behind it.  Jay is a frequent contributor for Oh No They Didn’t and teaches Media Studies in Brooklyn.

Ruben Ortiz has worked on various TV Shows and independent films in New York. He is also the winner of the George Ennis Film Festival for his 2011 entry, A Cornucopia of Characters.  His current favorite TV shows include Dexter, Psych and Louie.

Alanna Slepitsky has been a contributor for Television Without Pity, Snarkotics.com and KOL.  When not producing for KidzBop.com and her independent production company, she enjoys watching Curb your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live.  (Check out Alanna’s websites http://accordingtoalanna.com and http://brooklynbroad.com)

Jessie Kanev has worked on everything from independent documentaries to Emmy-award winning TV shows.  Her current favorite TV shows include White Collar, Top Chef and Dexter.  She also is not ashamed to admit her love of Mob Wives…. okay, she’s a little ashamed.


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