American Idol (season 9 premiere)
American Idol (Simon’s Goodbye)
Being Human (series premiere)

Bored to Death (season 2 premiere)
Bridalplasty (premiere)
Burn Notice (season 4 premiere)
Cake Boss (season 3 premiere)
California Dreams (in case you missed it: reunion)
Celebrity Apprentice (season 9 premiere)
Comedy Central Presents (rob riggle)
Conan (premiere)
Daria (dvd announcement)
Daria: the Complete Animated Series
Degrassi: the Next Generation (season 9 premiere)
Downfall Premiere
Ghostwriter (dvd announcement)
Glee (season 1, part 2 premiere)
Gossip Girl (season 3 finale)
Hannah Montana (season 3 finale)
Hot in Cleveland (series premiere)
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (season 1 premiere)
Jersey Couture (series premiere)
Jersey Shore (season 2)
Jessica Simpson’s the Price of Beauty (season 1 premiere)
Justified (season 1 premiere)
Louie (series premiere)Parenthood (season 1 premiere)
Melissa and Joey (series premiere)
Pretty Little Liars (series premiere)
Psych (season 4 finale)
Saturday Night Live (betty white announcement)
Scrappers (season 1 finale)
Strange Days (premiere)
Southland (season 2 premiere)
Teen Mom 2 (season 2 premiere)

the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (in case you missed it: glenn beck)
the Hills (season 6 premiere)
the Marriage Ref (season 1 premiere)
the Rachel Zoe Project (season 3 premiere)
the Real Housewives of New York (season 3 premiere)
the Ricky Gervais show (season 1 premiere)
the Life and Times of Tim (season 2 finale)
the Tonight Show (jay leno’s return)
Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job (season 5 premiere)
Tough Love Couples (premiere)
Ugly Americans (season 1 premiere)
White Collar (season 1 finale)
White Collar (season 2 summer finale)


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